I will admit that I did a double take when I first heard this, but verified that it's true. A Missouri boy really was just bitten by a shark. Yes, a shark, but there's some good news and a common sense explanation.

I saw this startling story shared by the Miami Herald. They report that an unnamed 14-year-old Missouri boy was bitten by a shark. No, he was not wading in the Mississippi River in case you were wondering. He was reportedly standing in knee-deep water near Daytona Beach. The good news is injuries are non-life threatening as he was bitten on the foot.

This likely happens more often than I think, but they say this is the 4th shark attack in a week. I am definitely not watching Jaws before I go to the beach again.

These shark attacks aren't just happening in Florida either. There have been recent incidents along the Texas gulf coast, too.

NOAA says that shark attacks are more common in movies than real life. Still, their numbers show that in an average year, there are between 40 and 50 shark attacks and maybe 1 is fatal.

Let's hope the Missouri boy recovers quickly from his close encounter with those razor-sharp teeth. No doubt he'll have an incredible story to tell his friends about what happened during his summer vacation.

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