The roller coaster that has been the Mississippi River levels and crest predictions has headed up again.

The updated National Weather Service crest predictions at midday Tuesday are anywhere from two to three feet higher that Monday night's forecast.

The midday Tuesday river stages and crest predictions:

Canton - 18.22, cresting at 21.3 by early Thursday afternoon

Quincy - 22.42, cresting at 25.1 by Thursday morning

Hannibal - 22.67, cresting at 25.2 by Thursday evening

Louisiana - 21.04, cresting at 23.8 by early Friday morning

Clarksville - 31.07, cresting at 34.1 by early Friday morning

MODOT reported Tuesday morning that Missouri Route 151 at the North River in Knox County, Route N at the North Fork of the Salt River in Shelby County and Route A in Monroe County at Crooked Creek have been closed due to high water.


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