After a year away March Madness is back! So now that we have a bracket in our hands, how are you going to fill it out?

The feeling of making picks in a bracket is a magical one, it just is fantastic to have a bracket in my hand again constantly second guessing myself, making picks then erasing them seconds later, this is what the NCAA Men's tournament is all about!

Overall my feeling on this tournament is that the BIG Ten will shine, they are the toughest conference in my opinion, they have lots of entries and I think you could see everyone of them make it to the round of 32. One of the main reasons I love the BIG Ten so much is that they have already been in Indianapolis for the BIG Ten tournament, everyone else is flying into Indy for the start of the tournament. 4 of the Elite 8 teams in my opinion will be BIG Ten teams with Illinois in the Midwest vs W. Virginia, Ohio St. in the South vs Baylor, Michigan vs Texas in the East, and Iowa vs Gonzaga in the West.

I also really don't have a belief in a double digit seen this tournament, normally there is one of those 10 plus seeds that shocks the world and is playing in the Sweet 16, I think Maryland, Drake, and Georgetown have the best chances to be that team. I do have Maryland in the Sweet 16 but that's it.

My Final four consists on Gonzaga, Ohio St., Illinois, and Texas, with a final matchup of Illinois vs Texas, and even though Texas is my favorite college to root for besides NIU (proud alumni) I feel the most comfortable with the Illini winning it all, they have size, playmakers, shooting, and are hot right now. Who do you have winning it all?

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