For the second year in a row, the Marion County Commissioners announce a voluntary dust control program for rural residents.

According the Presiding Commissioner Lyndon Bode, Marion County has some 430 miles of gravel roads. With the change over from river gravel to white rock on the roads, dust has become more of an issue in the rural areas.

Bode says that residents can voluntarily purchase dust control chemicals from the Marion County Highway Department.

"It runs 68 cents a running foot," Bode said. "We're asking for a 300 foot minimum, so a person would be looking a $204 minimum beginning fee to start with. And then, if they want to go 300 foot longer, that's possible, too."

Residents have until May 25th to purchase what they need for dust control by calling the highway department at 769-4660. The county asks for payment in advance.

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