Chicago ranks number 3.  St. Louis ranks number 7.  But, it’s a list cities would rather not make.

The rankings are 2012 US Postal Service statistics showing where postal workers have suffered the most dog attacks.  Number 1 is Los Angeles.

State Farm Insurance says California is the costliest state for dog bite claims, with over 17 million dollars paid out in 2012.  Illinois came in 2nd at $9 million.

The dangerous dog issue finds a Hannibal man at odds with the city and the Postal Service.  David Taylor relocated his dog “Moose” from the College Avenue area, after Postal officials suspended mail delivery.

Moose was first moved to New London Road, but that location in the city limits meant the City’s Dangerous Dog Ordinance still applied.  After Postal officials temporarily suspended mail service to that area, Moose was moved outside the city.

Taylor is appealing the dangerous dog declaration and says he has obtained liability insurance.

City officials are expected to hear the appeal next week, which is, by the way, National Dog Bite Prevention Week.