(LOUISIANA)--   A decision about replacing an impeached Louisiana City Councilwoman is now up to Mayor Tom Wallace.   

Michael Rose

The council voted unanimously Tuesday to oust Robbyn Morris just six months before the end of her two-year term. She was accused of illegally taping a closed council meeting on September 10th. Morris abstained from the vote.

Morris and the city presented their sides of the story before Municipal Judge Bruce McGuire and a packed council chamber.

Wallace has yet to say whether he will appoint a replacement or let voters choose a candidate next April. The next regular council meeting is December 10th.    But that may not be the end of the story.

Morris’ attorney has indicated that a lawsuit may be filed, and Morris could face charges of violating the state’s open meetings law.   In addition, the Missouri Attorney General’s office says it has launched an investigation into whether the city acted illegally in closing the September 10th council meeting which led to the impeachment charges.

The allegations were made by Bart Niedner, who lost a council race with Morris last year.    City Attorney Robert Rapp previously has said the city acted according to the law.

The city got a warning from the Attorney General’s office last year after similar complaints about meeting policies were received.