The Quincy High School Alumni Association is sponsoring their first Big Blue Raffle in hopes of raising over $300,000 for the school district. The tickets for the raffle went on sale yesterday at a cost of $100 per ticket with the grand prize winner getting $100,000.

The maximum amount of tickets to be sold is 5000. Since I went to public school that comes to $500,000.  Of that total, there will be 66 winners of $250. Twenty winners of $500.  Ten winners of $1000. In addition to the grand prize winner getting $100,000, second place will win $25,000, third place gets $10,000 and fourth place will win $5,000.  The raffle drawings will go on for the next three months with the Grand Prize winner announced in March during the Quincy High School Showcase of Excellence.

The Big Blue Raffle tickets are available for purchase at the Q.H.S. Alumni Association Office at 1416 Maine, at any Public School office or from any raffle agent.  You can also buy tickets on line at or by fax at 217-224-5055.