A Midwestern family reported their dog missing. They were astonished when they were contacted by rescuers who found her floating on an ice block in a nearby river.

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Here's the incredible backstory of how this dog ended up in the river and how she was rescued from the video description on YouTube:

This woman filmed the moment a dog was heroically rescued after getting stranded on the ice. Nikki Sheldon, 57, from Wyandotte, Michigan, US, was contacted after Lucy the dog went missing from her owner. While searching for Lucy, Nikki spotted her on some ice on the Detroit River nearby. Within minutes the local fire department was on the scene to help rescue Lucy and bring her back to safety by moving the block of ice close enough to their ladder and retrieving the frightened dog.

I'd like to know how they thought to look in the river for Lucy in the first place.

If you look at a map of Wyandotte, Michigan, you can see the Detroit river just to the east.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Even with the river bordering the town, I'd still like to know how searchers thought to look in the river to find this woman's dog. It's a miraculous save for an animal that likely wouldn't have lasted long in that wet cold.

Kudos to these rescuers for finding a lost pet in a place few would think to look.

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