Friday (January 7) 20/20 True Crime will be airing their investigation report of the Monroe County Missouri murder that happened in 2018.

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April 2018 changed the lives of many who knew Molly Watson, a 29-year old who was madly in love and planning a wedding to her fiancee was found murdered just a few days before her wedding to James Addie. In the promo, we hear from Addie's now ex-wife and how she found out about what he supposedly did.

20/20 takes us through the entire investigation of the Monroe County Murder and the answer we all are probably wanted to know, why? The full story will air tonight on ABC starting at 8 pm. If you happen to miss the episode tonight, it will be on Hulu tomorrow.

This is not the first time the Tri-States has been highlighted in a murder trial, 48-hours covered the trial of Curtis Lovelace and the death of his wife Cory back in July 2021.

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