You want it, you need it, you CANNOT start your day without it.

coffee and doughnut on bright pine table

I say all of that to let you know, if you don't already, that September 29 has been officially designated as National Coffee Day.

According to the National Coffee Association, legend has it that the energizing benefits of coffee goes back to an Ethiopian goat herder, who noticed how energetic his goats became when they ate berries from a particular tree.

Coffee's journey went from the Arabian peninsula to Europe. The British embraced coffee to the extent that there were 300 coffee houses in London by the mid 1600s.

That was about the time coffee came to America. Although it gained some popularity, tea was still the beverage of choice (we were, after all, still British). But, thanks to King George III's heavy tax on tea, which led to the Boston Tea Party, coffee caught on in a big way.

A number of national franchises known for their coffee will offer special deals for National Coffee Day, including Starbucks, Dunkin', McDonald's and Panera.

Of course, you have your favorite go-to place - from Electric Fountain Brewing, Carter's Coffee Bar or Bailey's Coffee House and Fudge in Quincy, to Java Jive, Mimi's Coffee House or Huckleberry Nutrition in Hannibal.

Wherever you go for your daily jump start - enjoy National Coffee Day.

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