A few weeks ago, we experienced some strange booms that were especially prevalent over Missouri. That mystery may have been solved based on what has just been confirmed in the skies over Mountain Grove, Missouri.

You might recall our report weeks ago of the weird boom that many reported hearing/feeling in and around Hannibal. It's possible now that it might have been the military's testing of the F-15EX fighter if this update from the Mountain Grove Fire Department is accurate.

When the F-15EX was revealed this past spring, Boeing shared a video of this intimidating new war machine.

Military.com shared details of what this update to the classic F-15 Strike Eagle will include over its predecessors:

What's new to the F-15EX is an advanced radar and other subsystems that other countries' Eagles don't get. About 30% of the American F-15EX would be unique to the U.S. military, they note.

When the booms happened over our area back in July, it was believed to have been caused by a flyover by a F-16 Falcon. One has to wonder if this may have instead been one of the new F-15EX planes going through test runs like what just happened over Mountain Grove, Missouri.

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It's doubtful we'll get an official confirmation if this plane was responsible for recent booms in our part of Missouri and Illinois since the military is understandably mum over new weaponry. As of right now, you can file this under a definite maybe.

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