The Show Me State of Missouri is home to many large companies, but of all the companies that call Missouri home, which one makes the most in profit?

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According to a new article from, there are some big-time companies making big-time profits in the state of Missouri, but one had a better year than all the rest. The article takes findings from Forbes and their fortune 500 list to determine what company made the most profit, and that company is Emerson Electric. According to the article, Emerson Electric made $2,306 million, so what is Emerson Electric well they say...

"Founded in 1890, it is a technology and engineering company that offers solutions in commercial, residential and industrial markets...has the following business segments: Climate Technologies, Tools and Home Products, and Automation Solutions."

Some of the other companies from Missouri that made the top 10 in profit, are ones I recognize like O'Reilly Automotive, Edward Jones, Ameren ( I just paid my energy bill to Ameren the other day!), and Stifel Financial. To see the full list for yourself and to read more on these companies check out the article by clicking here! 

I find it fascinating that there are some major companies out there that aren't that profitable, if you dig deeper into how much it costs some of these massive companies to run and operate it makes sense why they don't profit as much. And as far as it goes for Missouri, this is an impressive list of companies, I had no idea that the automotive parts giant O'Reilly Autoparts was located in Missouri did you?

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