A package of Hostess Twinkies sold for $100 on Wednesday morning during the KHMO Bids for Bargains radio auction. The station will be donating the money raised from the sale of the Twinkies to Leaps of Love, an organization that provides help for families affected by childhood cancer.

KHMO General Manager Ed Foxall said that the Twinkie auction started as a joke, but then it became apparent that there was an opportunity to help a worthy charity.

This started off as a funny, and turned into a serious. Our listeners joined in and realized the significance of what we were trying to do, so we raised $100 for a package of stale Twinkies, and the money goes to Leaps of Love in Hannibal.

The high bidder for the Twinkies was Karl McElwee of Palmyra. When Karl was asked whether or not he would be eating the old Twinkies, he said no, he has even better plans.

We're going to donate them to another benefit or something, tell them the story and maybe it'll bring in some more money. There's always benefits that come up.

Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, declared bankruptcy earlier this month.

Package of Twinkies that sold for $100