July of 2014 will go down in the books as one of the coolest in recent memory.

Numbers from the Hannibal Filter Plant show only three days in the thermometer reached 90 degrees. The high for the entire month was 91 on the 8th.

In fact, there were 12 days during the month where the high for the day did not reach 80 degrees.

There were four days in July when the overnight low dropped into the 50s, with the Filter Plant recording a low for the month of 54 on the 15th.

This month was also dryer that the average July. There was a total of 2.59 inches of rain for the month. The average is 4.32 inches.

Most of that rainfall came on two, with 1.2 inches of rain falling on the 8th, and .89 of an inch coming on the 26th.

Kurt Parsons