Many were understandably in an uproar as an alleged spy balloon from China wandered over Missouri last week. Quick history reminder - this wasn't the first time a spy balloon was over Missouri, but the last time it happened, it wasn't from China. It was American.

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As we were one of the first to mention last week, we knew the projected path of the alleged spy balloon from China would take it over Missouri and it did. We also gleefully shared the video of the balloon being on the receiving end of a missile from a F22 Raptor fighter plane.

Now, let's flashback to 2019. Do you remember when news broke that there would be spy balloons over Missouri and other midwestern states? The Guardian was one of the media outlets that reported that the balloons were above Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin by order of the Pentagon. The stated reason was to battle drug traffic.

The FCC even has some interesting documents about how the government withholds the right to have this balloon surveillance over our heads any time they want. Curious.

Let me be clear about something. I'm not (that) naïve. I know especially with all our electronic devices, we are monitored almost constantly by our government. I also agree that sometimes if not most of the time it's for good reasons and with the best of intentions. Just don't be delusional and think it's only the Russians and Chinese that want to know what we're doing. It's our own government, too. 

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