If you need proof that agriculture is still the king of Illinois, consider this exhibit A. If you think the most expensive land in Illinois is a mansion, guess again. It's a more than 248 acre farm in Hebron.

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I just got curious about this and began a search of Realtor.com. I asked their database to show me the most expensive property in Illinois. I was shocked at the top result. The most expensive property (and there was not even a close second) was a farm at Okson Rd, Hebron, IL.

The asking price? $322,662,000

Illinois' Most Expensive Land Isn't a Mansion, It's This Farm

Gallery Credit: DOUGLAS YEGGE Brokered by: Peoples Company, Realtor.com

The details shared by the realtor in the description explain why this Illinois farm is so valuable:

The farm consists of 235.69 FSA cropland, of which, are in row crop production carrying a Productivity Index of 131.4

Farmer's Business Network explains what that index means saying "The range of ILPI is 47-147, with higher numbers indicating more productive soils." That means this farm has one of the highest productivity indexes you can get. Nice. That's why it'll cost you to own it.

I'm certainly no real estate or farming expert, but you'd be wise to look at all the details yourself of what the most valuable farm land currently available in Illinois looks like at the full Realtor.com listing.

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