Everyone that's gone fishing or camping in the Missouri backcountry has a story to tell. Some are more unusual than others. This is one of those. It's the story of a Missouri man who says that 'something' threw a boulder at him and his buddy in a remote area of the Show Me State.

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The story of this strange encounter of the possible Bigfoot kind comes from a man named Rick who shared his tale with the YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory. Here's a brief backstory shared:

Rick shares his bigfoot experience that happened on The Black River in the show me state of Missouri! The sasquatch would pace back and forth across the river as it would break limbs and tear through the brush! Rick claims the creature threw a big boulder at him and his friend!

Based on Rick's telling, this encounter happened with him and his friend in the late 1970's near Markham Springs Recreation Area next to the Black River in Missouri.

The Markham Springs Recreation Area has the Black River running right through it.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

There's not much civilization near Markham Springs with the Black River and a few ponds and lakes scattered in the woods. It's a very underrated part of Missouri for camping when you want to get away from it all.

It's understandable when many want to laugh off stories like this as the wild imagination of a man and his friend. However, Rick is one of the many who seriously believes he encountered something paranormal in the Missouri woods. You might not believe him, but I'm convinced at the very least that he believes he's telling the truth.

Someone or something strange is happening in the Missouri woods.

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