I love all kinds of food like maybe you like all kinds of food. That doesn't mean I like all kinds of food together at the same time. One Missouri and Iowa pizza chain is going to test that theory as they reportedly have created a pizza burger all in one.

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I love burgers and I adore pizza so perhaps this will be the best of both worlds. I saw KCRG report that Happy Joe's is the pizza place that decided we need our pizza and burger lives combined.

I was looking at Happy Joe's website and can't find any pics of this new pizza burger creation other than the one shared by the TV station in the video above. I have always thought of that chain as an Iowa/Missouri entity, but see they do have Illinois locations, too, along with Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

Pizza burgers aren't that new of a concept. I have seen multiple homemade recipes on how to make this happen including this one from Delish.

I always appreciate food options especially when pizza is involved. The fact that Happy Joe's is also doing a Taco Pizza Burger and a Macaroni and Cheese one, too, is swell. The world is a better place when favorite foods collide.

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