A warning is out for Illinois residents who plan on traveling and shopping online this holiday season.

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Illinois ranks number 3 are the state with the most holiday burglaries. According to porch.com, Illinois and Pennsylvania burglaries jump 40% around the holiday season. Just ahead of Illinois, New Jersey is number one with the most burglaries. All of this data is put together by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Data Explorer.

“Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI (incidentally home to Winnetka, IL, the setting and filming location of Home Alone), comes in at third place, where holiday burglaries see a 66% bump during December.”

Some of the findings also found that 83,000 crimes happened in the US just during the holiday season, and most happened from people stealing packages left on porches. An estimated $130.5 million in products were taken last year alone that's an average of $2,800. Some of the hot items include computers, gaming systems, toys, and jewelry.

So, it's safe to say that this upcoming holiday season you might want to have your packages delivered to your office if you can, get some sort of camera security system on your home (there's a ton on sale right now), and make sure when you order online that your items will be delivered while you're in town and not on vacation.

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