Chalk this up as another win for growth in the Show-Me State! A major airline here in America is moving its national headquarters to Missouri, here are the details you need to know...

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According to an article from KCTV5, Eastern Airlines LLC is moving its national headquarters to Kansas City, Missouri! The company announced the change on February 21st, and in the article, they say...

"The Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City announced...that Eastern Airlines, LLC, has chosen the City of Fountains as the new location for its headquarters. The move marks the airline’s commitment to growth, innovation and expansion in the nation’s heart...the airline’s headquarters will consolidate all its operations to Kansas City at 11500 N. Ambassador Dr. in Plate Co. near the Kansas City International Airport."

The article goes on to mention how the move to Kansas City will boost the local economy with 160+ new jobs and an average starting salary of around $96,000. To read more about Eastern Airlines LLC's move to Kansas City, click here!

More on Eastern Airlines LLC

I had never heard of Eastern Airlines LLC before reading the news of their move to Kansas City, but according to Wikipedia, it seems they are moving their headquarters from North Carolina to Missouri, and are the legacy airline of the old Easter Airlines that was very popular from 1926 to 1991. This iteration of Eastern Airlines has been around since 2010 and began as Dynamic Airways before taking over the Eastern branding. For more information on Eastern Airlines LLC, click here! 


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