Wealth is very much a subjective thing. What one person might consider a pittance would feel like a fortune to someone else. How much do people think (key word) they need to live comfortably in Illinois? The numbers are ridiculous.

This is a fascinating if a bit fantastical new survey from Bank Rate. It does a deep dive into many different financial questions, but there's one I'd like to focus on. If you live in Illinois, what's the number you need to feel like you're living comfortably.

Note: this isn't the amount of money the typical Illinoisan would need to feel "rich". This question addresses the amount of income you'd need every year to not have to worry about money.

On average, a resident in Illinois feels like $186,000 per year is the number where they "live comfortably".

Next question - how much do you need annually in Illinois to feel rich?

The average people say they need to truly be "rich" is $520,000. Cha-ching.

Overall takeaways are a bit depressing in this survey. They say overall that the average American feels much less financially secure in 2024 compared to the same survey last year. It's hard to get ahead when the price of food and housing continues to go up while income for many doesn't seem to be able to keep up.

I don't know about you, but I feel thankful for the fact that my family has a house to live in and enough food to eat. Anything above and beyond that is gravy, but to each his/her own.

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