There are some things you love to see your city become famous for and others you don't. This is that second one. Suddenly, two Missouri places have become synonymous with a vile creature - rats.

I have a pretty strong stomach and really am not afraid of much. For my family, I'm the designated spider killer and wasp getter. That being said, I don't like rats. When I hear that two Missouri places are now among the most rat-infested in America, my first response is EW.

In the newest rundown of America's places where rats flourish by Orkin, you'll now find two Missouri cities. It's not really a shocker that St. Louis and Kansas City are the culprits although I will admit wondering if Springfield had snuck into the top 30. No offense intended, Springfield friends. It's stories like this that had me wondering.

I was a little surprised to see that Kansas City has a bigger rat problem than St. Louis. No offense intended, St. Louis, but admit that you were surprised, too.

I think my problem with the surging Missouri rat problem is the fact that they are known to carry diseases. It's just a nasty creature to have a lot of. The fact that the two biggest Missouri places are now synonymous with rats (and Springfield making a case to be included, too) is pretty gnarly if you ask me. Ew.

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