Going out is getting expensive and for a family of four like mine, it cuts into the budget. There is good news, there are five cheap places to eat at that won't break the bank and are also some of the best in the state.

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St. Louis is filled with local and national restaurants and we are lucky to be able to drive and enjoy what the city has to offer. According to a new study by USA Today, some restaurants have a 5-star rating that even a family of four could enjoy and be able to afford.

USA Today looked at some of the highest-rated restaurants in the nation and put together a list of the best cheap places to eat and St. Louis has four in the top 50.

St. Louis' Top 5 Highest Rated Cheap Restaurants

  1. Teatopia - 350 reviews Rated 5 out of 5
  2. Blues City Deli - 2,2115 reviews Rated 4.90
  3. Balkan Treat Box - 926 reviews rated 4.90
  4. Eovaldi's Deli - 390 reviews rated 4.90

My family and I have a busy weeknight schedule so we hit the drive-thru more than I would like so I know eating out can hurt the bank. It's nice knowing that when we do visit St. Louis there are places to go where we can enjoy a nice meal out and still have money left over. So go ahead and remember the above restaurants when traveling or visiting St. Louis you might find yourself falling in love with a new place to eat.

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