The numbers are trending in the right direction but overall we have a reading crisis for our students in the Land of Lincoln, here are the details...

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According to Illinois Policy, 2/3 of students in Illinois are reading below grade level, and math scores are struggling as well. Since the COVID-19 pandemic schools across the United States are facing issues keeping kids on schedule but the numbers in Illinois are concerning. The article on Illinois Policy says...

"The data shows only 35% of students could read at grade level in 2023. Only 27% met proficiency in math. Illinois Superintendent of Education Tony Sanders said the state has a “significant distance to travel” toward recovery after pandemic-era school closures caused record-low proficiency rates statewide. Reading proficiency remains 6% lower in 2023 than in 2019, the last test data prior to pandemic-era school closures, and 15% lower in math."

To read more about this issue facing our schools and students, click here!

So, at what point do we as adults and as a state say enough is enough? We can't keep failing our kids. Is the answer to cut out extras and go all in on the basics of reading, math, and science? Why aren't schools adjusting to focus more time and effort on getting kids back to the average? Or are schools doing this and it's just not working?

I don't know the answer...But it feels like we are facing a crisis for our kids. Maybe it is on parents to step up and help do whatever we can to get our kids back to the average. What is scary is that we want our kids to not just be average but ABOVE average, and now it seems like we have to fight so hard just to get the kids back to the average. Frustrating for sure.

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