While combing an Associated Press website early this morning for sound bites from last night’s Cardinals and Cubs games, a story caught my attention and then made me roll my eyes in annoyance. There was a story about an inventor has an alarm clock he says will make sure you get up when you intended to get up the night before.  This guy’s invention requires you to go to another room to make the noise stop.  Another case of re-inventing the wheel. Makes sense, but I get the same effect by placing the alarm clock (--in my case two alarms, because a lot of people will likely notice if I don’t get out of bed on time) on the other side of the room. He also says there is no snooze feature. That item got me to thinking about other useless, unnecessary inventions.
The idea of the snooze alarm is something that I do not understand. That extra five or ten minutes isn’t going to do you any good, and you’ll be running ten minutes late well into the morning.
I also don’t understand the idea of decaffeinated coffee or alcohol free beer.