Someone just spotted a big putty tat in southern Iowa. There's a big disagreement on what animal this really is though. Is it a mountain lion or just a really big cat who's trying to find his/her way back home?

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A hunter was in his stand in southern Iowa bowhunting deer when he heard a rustling in the bushes below. This is the video he captured of what he saw.

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The comments on TikTok vary wildly. One person claims the Department of Natural Resources said this was a big house cat. Another said that this is a mountain lion and the department of natural resources just doesn't want people to know they live in our area.

There's a government website that talks about how to identify a mountain lion. It mentions that adult male mountain lions can grow to up to 8 feet in length. Adult females are slightly smaller, but still larger than this cat appears to be. It could be a young mountain lion or it could be a domestic cat I suppose. It looks too large to be someone's pet in my opinion.

I'll update this story once I can locate an official response from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources on exactly what this big putty tat is doing in southern Iowa.

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