It's been an active last few weeks in the skies over Missouri and Illinois as yet another huge meteor just exploded in the sky over the Ozarks. There's new video showing what it looked like.

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The American Meteor Society website says this fireball was seen by dozens in Missouri early Sunday morning. The space rock was so bright it was reported as far south as Arkansas and as far north as Iowa. This explosion happened at around 4:59am on Sunday morning, October 9 based on the video description.

William Mattison captured video of the meteor's explosion on the Lost in the Ozarks YouTube Channel. He shares it at full speed then slows it down so you can see more details as the atmosphere obliterated this meteor.

This meteor is likely part of the Orionids Meteor Shower which is now active until the middle of November. After that, it's the Leonids that are likely to make our skies interesting.

Thanks to William for his incredible capture of a spectacular meteor reaching the end of its journey. The American Meteor Society is a must-follow if you're interested in sky events like this one.

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