Would you walk through an abandoned eerie ghost town by yourself?

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For me, only in the daylight not sure if I could handle walking alone, in the dark, with just a flashlight. It's that time of year when ghost towns come "alive" from people visiting them for ghost hauntings or just to see how the abandoned town is. Thrillist put together a list of 50 ghost towns in each state and although the Ilinois location really isn't a town, the place is extremely eerie.


Welcome to the Joliet Correctional Center where the worst of the worst once stayed. even the most notorious serial killer in Illinois John Wayne Gavy once called this prison home. The prison closed in 2002 and reopened in 2018 for tours and ghost hauntings. The building, which has 20 buildings in total, has been through several fires since being built by prisons in 1858, but some good things did come to the former prison. The Blues Brothers used that property for a filing location. This is one of those tours where I would have to go in the daytime with plenty of light. I don't think I have it in me to go at night. This location is also known as the most haunted place in America.


Missouri's location is an actual town called Red Oak. Red Oak became very popular after WWII and when residents either started moving away or passed away, some of the buildings were left as they were. A former resident of the town took things into his own hands and started moving some of the buildings that were close to him ( grandpa's blacksmith shop and his father's general store) and putting them on his property. He took the time to restore the building for people all over to come and visit and renamed it Red Oak II. It's now a high Missouri attraction that features a jail, diner, Phillips 667 Gas Station, and more. All taking bits and pieces from the original Red Oak to help build his town. You can find Red Oak II in Carthage, Missouri.

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