I think most of us that live in our part of the Midwest suspected this if we didn't know it already, but now science has declared that Missouri is one of the most dangerous states for deer collisions.

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The study comes from State Farm Insurance and you would think they'd know a thing or two about this subject since they're one of the companies that process the claims. They created a map to show the most dangerous places where Bambi and friends may be on a roadway. The darker the state, the greater the risk. That's why Missouri is listed as a dark black.

Infographic, State Farm Insurance
Infographic, State Farm Insurance

Let's get specifically into the numbers. Their study says that Missouri is #14 overall for animal collision incidents where residents have a 1 in 74 chance of being involved in a collision with an animal.

It's important to note that the danger isn't limited to just deer. Raccoons, dogs and rodents are also responsible for serious accidents.

I find it interesting that the numbers are vastly different in Illinois. Residents in the Land of Lincoln only have a 1 in 137 chance of having a collision with an animal. I've hit a deer in Illinois if that counts for anything and I'm not alone in being able to say that.

You can check out the full animal collision study for more facts on what you can do to improve your chances to not ruin your day and that of an animal on the road.

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