Illinois is trying to go all-in on new Electric cars on the roads, and they are going to be paying you to purchase electric over the next couple of years.

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According to an article from Illinois has officially shifted towards prioritizing buying electric cars. Ilinois Governor JB Pritzker recently signed into law the new Illinois Green Energy law, a law that has over 900 pages but puts a lot of focus on getting Illinois drivers to buy new electric cars. In the article they say...

"...Climate and Equitable Jobs Act that aims to have 1 million electric cars on Illinois roads by 2030...The law states rebates will last "as long as funds are available." Handouts of $4,000 begin July 1, 2022, for a four-year period. Rebates of $2,000 begin July 1, 2026, and then decrease to $1,000 on July 1, 2028."

The rebates are for purchases of Electric vehicles, which according to the law doesn't include things like hybrids, they have to be electric vehicles. Now getting up to $4000 from the state to help you buy your new electric vehicle is awesome, but I have to ask is it enough to get people to buy electric? Later on, in the article, they say the current prices for some electric cars like the tiny Chevy Bolt is over $31,000. To read the full article yourself click here!

It is a great question to ask, will this money motivate you to be one of the people that Illinois hopes buys electric in the next decade? For me honestly no, I drive a full-sized truck because that is what works for me in my daily life, and until you can make a full-sized vehicle electric and affordable it is going to be a no from me.

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