If you are looking to start a business in a small town the experts are recommending you stay away from the Land of Lincoln, which small towns in Illinois does your business have a chance to succeed in?

According to a new ranking from the experts at WalletHub, you do not want to start a business in a small town in Illinois. WalletHub ranked over 1300 small towns across the country and NONE of the towns in Illinois even made the top 300 on the list, the highest-ranking small town to start a business in Illinois is Hanover Park and it ranks 340th on the list. The next highest-ranking cities on the list from Illinois are North Chicago at 483rd and Northbrook at 574th. Meanwhile, Illinois has lots of towns ranked 1000th or worse like Orland Park, Moline, Buffalo Grove, Bartlett, Oak Lawn, and many more. To see the complete list for yourself, click here!

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What about us here in Quincy, IL?

Quincy, IL actually performed WELL in this ranking compared to other towns in Illinois. Being located in Illinois is a death sentence on this list, but Quincy ranks a respectable 673rd on this list which is directly in the middle of the ranking. The experts say that Quincy ranks 149th for overall resources for starting a business, which goes to show you that the town of Quincy will help you with your business even though the environment created by the state is poor for business.

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