Imagine a place with zero violent crime. Sound like a mythical place? It's a reality in a small Illinois town that is officially the safest city in the state for 2024 and began its existence as a stagecoach stop way back in 1834.

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When you look at the top 10 safest cities in Illinois for 2024, the one at the top is not well known and that's part of its charm. New Home Source gathered the data to determine the 10 places where you can live without fearing for your life every other second.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

The official safest city in Illinois for 2024 is Elburn

Wikipedia tells an interesting story about how Elburn began saying "On May 2, 1834, William Lance arrived in the Elburn area, and soon built a home there. Shortly thereafter, a man named Henry Warne arrived and opened a stagecoach inn".

The stagecoach was called "Halfway Inn" due to its proximity on a trail between Oregon, Illinois and Chicago. Here's a fun fact. The Illinois Secretary of State's website estimates that Chicago's population in 1834 was barely 2,000. I wonder if stagecoaches on The Loop had to pay a toll back then? (Asking for a friend)

Back to how safe Elburn, Illinois is...New Home Source says that the city had ZERO violent crimes last year and only 13 non-violent crimes. Even in a small town, that's quite an accomplishment...especially for one that's only around 50 miles from Chicago.

Check out the complete list for 9 other Illinois cities were crime is nothing but an afterthought.

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Gallery Credit: Google Maps Street View

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