The upcoming total solar eclipse during the afternoon of April 8 will include a rather long period when the sun will be completely overshadowed by the moon over Missouri, but which town will experience totality the longest? There's only one and not many probably realize it - yet.

According to National Eclipse, totality during the historic solar event will begin over Missouri in West Plains starting at exactly 1:54:33pm on Monday, April 8, 2024. It will last only 3 minutes and 4 seconds there and that's more than a minute shorter than the longest length of totality in Missouri.

Where in Missouri will experience the total solar eclipse the longest?

If you want the longest possible total eclipse experience in Missouri, you need to make sure you're set up in Doniphan. The eclipse will last a full 4 minutes and 12 seconds there which is 4 seconds longer than even Poplar Bluff.

Other places in Missouri that will experience the longest total solar eclipse are Cape Girardeau at 4 minutes and 6 seconds and Silva, Missouri and 4 minutes and 2 seconds.

Here are some other incredible solar eclipse statistics for the April 8, 2024 event:

  • The moon's shadow will travel across Missouri at 1,813 miles per hour
  • The shadow will be 110 miles across
  • The eclipse shadow will cross the Mississippi River at 2:02pm

Don't forget the Missouri Highway Patrol has issued 10 warnings if you're planning to experience the total solar eclipse in Missouri. Let's hope the weather is good and everyone can experience this historic moment safely.

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