Experts are saying that the prisons in the Land of Lincoln are failing miserably in one key category that the inmates need, why is this happening? Here are the details you need to know...

According to an article from NPR Illinois, reports show that Illinois' prisons are among the worst in the United States for Mental Health care. In the article, they say "Mental health services in Illinois prisons are among the worst in the country, creating “abysmal and harmful” conditions for staff and inmates..." One of the worst offenders in the report is Pontiac Correctional Center, where inmates report experiencing rusty, dark, cramped spaces, with crumbling walls. To read more about the failing mental health care at prisons in the Land of Lincoln, click here!

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Should we be outraged or is this no big deal?

I don't know if "outraged" is the word but I can honestly say I'm extremely disappointed to hear this news and read this report. So many of the inmates that end up in prison need mental health care more than anything else, and if we are going to try to break the cycle of prisoners getting out of prison and going straight back to jail then we need a strong mental health care system for these inmates when they are in prison. Rehabilitation should be key in going to prison for inmates who are serving short sentences and have a second chance at life. If you are a monster who murders and is sent to prison for life I have little sympathy that you need better mental health care. But if you committed a non-violent crime and are serving a short sentence we should be doing everything we can to make sure these people return to society and are productive members, do you agree?

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