Lawmakers in the Land of Lincoln are as fed up with "hidden fees" as consumers are, and they are trying to do something about it. Here are the details of this new law that would prevent hidden fees in Illinois...

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According to an article from WCIA, lawmakers in Illinois want to prevent businesses in Illinois from charging consumers hidden fees. The goal of this new law would be for companies to fully disclose the price the consumer would pay before they purchase, or else pay the price. In the article, they say...

"State Representative Bob Morgan (D-Deerfield) and State Senator Omar Aquino (D-Chicago) have filed bills to stop companies from charging more for junk fees, often labelled as “processing” or “service” fees. The legislation would also permit the Attorney General to [go after] the companies not being transparent with their pricing."

The article goes on to mention that the average family pays over $3,000 in hidden fees each year, for more information on this law and everything surrounding it, click here!

Please let this happen

We as consumers have been asking for transparency for YEARS, I truly feel like if the state can accomplish this and prevent companies from having hidden fees it will be one of the biggest wins for the people of Illinois in a long time. The fact that the average American family is spending an extra $3000 every year on hidden fees they weren't prepared to pay is WILD, that number should make every state across the country fight to eliminate hidden fees.

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