Two Illinois lawmakers are speaking out against the recent decision to end federal funding for a clean-coal project in Meredosia.

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk and Gov. Bruce Rauner issued a statement Wednesday regarding the long-planned FutureGen project. The Republican politicians said they were thoroughly disappointed in the U.S. Department of Energy's decision to bring a hasty end the project. But Kirk and Rauner said they will not give up on advancements in clean-coal technology and bringing more new jobs to Illinois.

Spokesman Bill Gibbons with the federal agency told The Associated Press on Tuesday the department concluded the project couldn't meet a September deadline to use its $1 billion in federal stimulus funding.

A spokesman for the FutureGen Alliance said the group has no choice but to shut down because it can't finish the $1.65 billion project without federal funding.

Frank Polich, Getty Images