Part of the new $53 BILLION budget that the governor of Illinois signed for 2025 includes hundreds of millions of dollars to put illegal migrants into permanent homes in the Land of Lincoln, here are the details...

According to an article from NBC Chicago, part of the new history-making budget, that lawmakers in Illinois passed for 2025, is dedicated to finding illegal migrants permanent housing. A whopping $180 million taxpayer dollars are going to go to the migrant crisis impacting mainly Chicago, an estimated 43,000 migrants have arrived in Illinois seeking asylum.

The article mentions "According to the governor, the funds will be used primarily to move asylum seekers into permanent residences rather than temporary shelters, and to transition buildings currently being used for the purpose back into publicly accessible facilities." The article goes on to mention how Governor Pritzker says that Illinois didn't create this problem but we have to deal with it, to read more about this new 2025 budget for the Land of Lincoln, click here!

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I disagree with the Governor...

I do think that Illinois helped create this problem for ourselves...Did Illinois decide to have an open border? No, BUT did the leadership in Illinois decide to make Illinois a state for asylum seekers, yes. States like Missouri don't have to spend $180 MILLION in taxpayer money to find homes for illegal migrants because no one put migrants on a bus to Missouri, because they know that Missouri lawmakers wouldn't let them seek asylum. Illinois LAWMAKERS created this mess, and Illinois taxpayers are paying to clean it up...

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