Beware of any text you receive where a stranger appears polite and "nice". A new one is now making the rounds in Illinois where victims are receiving a link that includes many pleasantries, but it's sinister and will empty your bank account.

The state of Illinois has issued several warnings about a new method scammers are perpetrating in the Land of Lincoln. The Illinois Office of the Attorney General was among the authorities issuing a bulletin about what the bad guys/gals are up to.

The best way I've seen this described was shared by WFMY News 2 on YouTube. It shows the 3 main bodies of the text which includes a supposed message from the USPS with a link (that you should NOT touch) in the middle and a friendly greeting at the end.

WFMY News 2 via YouTube
WFMY News 2 via YouTube

If you put your information in the provided link, your bank account will be emptied quickly. It's sinister and it's victimized many in Illinois.

If you have seen this text in Illinois, you are not alone. Never respond to any text that you didn't expect that requests information even if it looks like it comes from a reputable source. The best practice if you receive a text that claims to come from the USPS or even your bank is to call them using a known good phone number and ask if someone tried to contact you. Most institutions will NEVER ask you for personal information by that method.

Many in Illinois are learning this the hard way.

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