In the interest of equal time, after our article about Missouri kids who are available for adoption, it's only fair we should follow-up with a comparable story about Illinois youngsters hoping to unwrap a forever home for the holidays.

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The website is a clearing house for state agencies around the country to post pictures and stories of adoptable kids, and a place for prospective foster or adoptive parents to begin the journey to start or complete their family.

Here are some examples of Illinois kids that might be just the one to steal your heart.


Semaj is a polite, talkative child with a strong will and full of energy. He describes himself as being happy all the time. He enjoys eating and trying new foods. He is good at video games, particularly basketball and football.


Emma is a very loving and outgoing young lady who enjoys cheese pizza. Emma likes to watch the Harley Quinn show. She is very much into marvel and superhero stuff. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She loves all things that are girly and sparkle.


This athletic young lady loves participating in extracurricular activities like cross country, gymnastics, soccer, and dance. Cee’Onna is a bright teen who enjoys school and will do her homework without being asked.


This young lady is very active and likes to keep a busy schedule. One thing that takes up a lot of her time is sports! She plays volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball and is also looking into joining track, cross country, and golf.


attachment-il kids robertas

You can often find this young man watching movies! Robertas has a huge passion for movies and has a large collection of DVDs. He can recall scenes from his favorite movies and tell you about all the upcoming movies he hopes to see.


Martez is a very charming and engaging young man. He presents as shy and reserved, until he gets to know you and then the jokester comes out. Martez enjoys interacting with his peers, adults, and caregivers.


Jacob is a friendly and open young man. He describes himself as a good kid who sometimes likes to be wild and is very active. Some of Jacob’s favorite activities include riding his bike, swimming, and roller skating.


Kamariye is a very happy and sociable young boy. He loves to be the center of attention and has a smile that will brighten a room. He loves to listen to music and watch the Disney Channel. Kamariye’s favorite Disney character is Mickey Mouse.


Haylee has a passion for art and enjoys writing, painting, drawing, and coloring. She is a funny and sarcastic teen with a good sense of humor. She is a sports lover who enjoys basketball, volleyball, and skateboarding.


Mary is becoming a social butterfly and has a smile that can light up any room. Mary enjoys engaging in extracurricular activities such as dance and sports. When asked about a favorite sport, Mary stated she doesn't have one, but she likes to try new things.

Missouri Kids That Have Gone Missing

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