National headlines of violence against law enforcement has sparked an outpouring of support for Hannibal Police.

According to Hannibal Police Chief Lyndell Davis, the response has been overwhelming for his officers.  Davis says churches and businesses have come forward with offers of food, goods and services.  Children even donated their allowance money to purchase Gatorade and pizzas.  The department has also received plants, flowers, cards, and calls from supporters.

Are there bad cops?  Chief Davis says the percentage is tiny, probably less than in many other professions.  He points to the use of technology as an example of how officers are closely scrutinized.  Davis says cameras are used throughout the police headquarters.   Cameras are also incorporated in the police cruisers and officers use body cameras to record interactions with the public.

When a negative issue arises,  the department takes swift action, including discipline, training, or firing if need be.  Davis says those are rare instances, because his officers really care about the citizens they are serving.