That’s the usual response when people find out how early I get up.   On work days, my alarm clock goes off at 3:50 a-m whether I like it or not. For the next several weeks, it isn’t very hard to get up and get going at that hour.   Until the Cavemen and Gems start up, there are few good reasons not to get to bed at a reasonable hour for someone who gets up that early.

I’m a morning person. …Always have been with the possible exception of my college years. There are no “morning persons” in college—at least among those living in the dorms.  I’ve been rolling out of bed for early morning radio on weekends since the summer of 1980 and on a regular basis since 1985.

The early start has its advantages.  For the last few years, I’ve been working a split shift. I’m out the door somewhere between 8 a-m and 8:30 after the early start. The afternoon starts between 12:30 and 1 p-m, depending on what is, or isn’t going on. That large block of time in the morning is good for lots of things including golf, time in the weight room or some running.  Mid to late morning is a good time to run. In the winter, the sun has taken at least some of the chill off the morning low. In the summer, it isn’t as hot as it’s going to be in the late afternoon or early evening.  Golf courses aren’t too crowded on weekday mornings either. Housekeeping fits in nicely too. So do minor home improvement/maintenance projects.

When I’ve had basketball games or baseball games that have kept me out late, the chunk of late morning time is also good for getting at least some of the sleep I didn’t get the night before.

On weekends, I can still technically sleep in and have a lot of time to get things done if need be. My idea of sleeping in is 7 a-m.


Bill Shuler

Sports Director/Morning News Anchor KHMO Hannibal