I see that April is Lawn and Garden month. The way this season has been, you've probably been working on the lawn for a few weeks now. As far as the garden part, that caught my eye because I spent a portion of Easter Sunday playing in the dirt. Make no mistake, I'm no gardener. But, when I am given a task, I try to be a dutiful husband. My task was to start the process of moving a row of Hasta plants to a shadier spot. Where they have been was shadier until we got rid of a gumball tree in our yard (don't think that wasn't a happy day). There's a patch near our garage that is nearly always in the shade. So, there I was, digging out a place for concrete edging and emptying 40 pound bags of top soil into the new plot. We had purchased 15 bags from the nearby home store, but it became obvious when I saw the size of the plot, that I would need more dirt. And, sure enough, I will. So, this continues to be a work in progress. The way these kind projects usually work, we'll see if I'm done by July.