I will not share any details of how I drove when I was a younger person with a Firebird he loved too much in an effort to not incriminate myself. However, even I have never clocked what the Wisconsin State Patrol just shared from a highway encounter they had.

I saw this cautionary share by the Wisconsin State Patrol yesterday. They didn't give the exact location, but the point is the speed and not the place. Behold this driver's "achievement".

My favorite comment came from a fellow named Howard who said "Bet they are from Illinois!". Amen, Howard. I thought it and you said it.

The truth is this isn't funny and I can attest to what happens when you're in a high-speed accident. Back in those younger days I mentioned previously, I was driving the speed limit (really) and had another driver pull out in front of me at a crossing on a highway. Even though I wasn't speeding, my head hit the windshield and I caught my cassette player in my hand (yes, it was that long ago when cassette players were still common). I was fortunate and only had a skull fracture and the other driver who was at fault was uninjured miraculously. My point is I have never purposely driven over the speed limit that I'm willing to admit ever since. It changes you when you realize the energy in a vehicle collision like this.

That's one reason why I wanted to share what the Wisconsin State Patrol just did. You really need to consider the potentially fatal consequences for having the need for speed. It's never worth it. Trust me. I know.

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