As you plan to get away this Memorial Day Weekend be careful of these five Missouri Highways which have the most fatalities in the Show-Me State.

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for the summer and traveling. However, getting to your destination safely on  Missouri highways is always on drivers' minds. Deer, other drivers, distracted drivers, and other animals.

Dangerous Missouri Highways

Many of us will be hitting the road this holiday weekend, but a new report shows that some highways in Missouri are becoming increasingly dangerous. Sadly 5 Missouri highways have made the list of the most fatalities in the Show-Me State.

Some Missouri highways are dangerous and have the highest fatality rate. Stacker ranked the highways in Missouri with the most fatalities using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  • #5 SR-5 with 17 crashed and 19 fatalities
  • #4 US-63 with 18 crashes and 19 fatalities
  • #3 US-61 with 16 crashes and 20 fatalities
  • #2 I-70 23 with 32 crashes and 23 fatalities
  • #1 1-44 with 23 crashes and 24 fatalities

The data collected was determined by the NHTSA,

In nearly half of all fatal crashes, drivers were either speeding, impaired by alcohol, not wearing a seat belt, or some combination of those three, according to NHTSA.

It blows my mind every time I drive how many people are on their phones, messing around with it, or worse, texting it's no wonder numbers are increasing.

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Just be careful, take your time, put the phone down, and pay attention when driving. By doing this you can ensure that you will get to grandma's house safely and enjoy the holiday weekend with friends and loved ones.

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