A unique approach to what is a chronic problem for many has been implemented by Hannibal Regional Hospital.

One of the most common reasons for people to visit their primary care physician is back and neck pain. In many cases, many who seek treatment for back and neck pain never get lasting relief.

To help with that, Hannibal Regional Hospital has launched a program called the Hannibal Regional Spine Center.

According to Spine Center Director Dr. Rahul Basho, "The goal of the Hannibal Regional Spine Center is to offer personalized spine care and education that will guide you to better outcomes and faster and long-lasting relief."

Dr. Basho also noted, "Patients will be led  through a process of assessment and treatment ranging from physical therapy to aggressive non-surgical management, pain management, and if necessary, advanced spine surgery tailored to the patient's unique condition."

The new Hannibal Regional Spine Center was the subject of a KHMO Talk Back with Hannibal Regional Medical Group Executive Director Tim Polley: