If back pain is a issue for you, Hannibal Regional Hospital's new Spine Center hosts a seminar Tuesday, July 8 that may be a source of useful information.

The "Treatment Options for Back Pain," free seminar in the hospital's first floor conference room at 11 a.m. Lunch will be provided, and reservations are required.

Back pain can be anything from a nuisance to a constant source of agony. Despite the pain, many of us hesitate to look into what it would take to fix what's wrong, rather than settling for temporary relief.

The stated mission of the HRH Spine Center "is to provide the finest comprehensive and state-of-the-art care and education for patients with spine disorders, with the goal of restoring normal function and relieving spine-related pain." The healthcare professionals at the Spine Center help patients look at all their available options, from small changes in lifestyle to surgery, or something in between.

For more information on the Hannibal Regional Hospital Spine Center, or to make reservations for the seminar, call 844-HRH-BACK.

Amanda Wosman, Physician's Relations Coordinator for Hannibal Regional Healthcare Systems, was a guest on KHMO's Talk Back: