A Hannibal church that has apparently been chosen as a site for a protest by a Kansas church has issued a statement on how they plan on handling the situation.

On its website this week, the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas listed three churches in the area where they would picket Sunday, November 18th.

One of those targeted churches is the First Church of The Nazarene in Hannibal.

The church’s pastor, Jason Young, issued a statement on how the church plans on dealing with the picketers.

Young says that, after consulting with Hannibal Police Chief Lindell Davis and church leadership, the decision was made that no contact will be made, and there will be no effort to engage the protestors while they are outside the church.

Young says the morning will be spent, “in a celebration of worship as we lift up the name of Jesus together on this glorious day.”

Here is the First Church of The Nazarene's official statement:

When Jesus was asked about the reason why a man had been born blind, did he sin or his parents, Jesus answer was not what they expected. He said: John 9:3 Jesus answered, "It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him.” (NASB)
There is a group coming to Hannibal in a little over a week that brings with them a message that most of us vehemently disagree with. They are coming to try and shake us up, to cause us to attack them, and quite possibly leave with a lawsuit. Many keep asking why? My answer is, “So that the works of God might be displayed in our community!” The enemy intends to bring harm but God intends nothing but good to come out of this experience.
The Hannibal first church of the Nazarene exists to be a “KINGDOM OF GOD” zone in our community. A place where the Kingly rule and Sovereignty of God is seen in Jesus activity with in the body of believers. At every single point of our property we are covered by the Kingdom of God. Or enemy the devil has no authority and can have no access to anyone who enters our property! EVER!
Since we seek only the activity of Jesus we would like to let everyone know that all of you who are rallying around our church and that intend to show your support for our congregation on Sunday November 18 with your attendance, WE WILL NOT HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH THE PROTESTERS. We will not seek to engage them at any point during their time outside our church. Instead we will invite all of you to join us in a celebration of worship as we lift up the name of Jesus together on this glorious day. We will worship in song, in prayer, and in the Word. As one Body regardless of denominational affiliation, doctrinal background, or theological stance we will worship united as one in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
So come with the plan to glorify Jesus together in our sanctuary as we show our community, our state, even our Nation, that the Peace of Jesus prevails within the Body of Christ.

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