The internet is full of opinions and most of them aren't worth a cup of soup. However, when a major travel site speaks, it's a good idea to listen. That's what's happened here as Hannibal was just named one of the most beautiful towns in Missouri.

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The website I'm referring to is called The Travel. They just shared the 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Missouri You Should Visit. Among the prettiest towns in Missouri, Hannibal is declared as #5 most beautiful in the Show Me State.

It's when you look at the towns that Hannibal is ranked higher than that you begin to understand how high praise this is. Hermann, Parkville, Ste. Genevieve and even Rocheport are below Hannibal on The Travel list.

What's #1 on The Travel list? Carthage, Missouri thanks to their beautiful maple trees get the nod.

This honor isn't that surprising when you think about it. Hannibal has the iconic lighthouse and riverboat. I've always considered Riverview Park a favorite place to clear my mind and sit on the overlook taking in the beautiful sights of the Mississippi River. There's also the very active effort to keep downtown Hannibal alive and vital. It all adds up to exactly what The Travel said - one of the most beautiful towns in Missouri. I could not agree more.

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