I was going through some old digital photos and came across this picture I took back in 2009. As I recall, this particular character seemed to be showing up all around Hannibal. I can think of at least three separate places where I saw the same design, including this old fence. I've always wondered if this character was an original creation, or an established character. Anyone know? 

Let me be clear, I don't think it's a good idea to graffiti other people's property. Aside from being illegal, it's rude. It's also frequently ugly. That being said - and setting aside the issues of legality and manners - the design of this goofy guy always amused me.

If you know anything about this character, please leave a comment below. Is he a Pac-Man ghost? Did he come from an album cover? Does he star in a cartoon series? Is he an original creation? Who is this graffiti character I photographed in Hannibal?

Kurt Parsons