These gender-neutral bathrooms at a high school in Illinois will be part of a multi-million dollar renovation and will allow any gendered person to be in the bathroom at any time. Is this a good idea?

According to an article from, Edwardsville High School in Edwardsville, Illinois, will be building a new gender-neutral bathroom as part of a $6 million renovation. In the article, they say "The bathroom will be designed to have floor-to-ceiling stalls with locking capabilities and individual lights indicating occupancy." for more information on this story click here!

Is this a good idea?

What is shocking to me when reading the article is that there will be a bathroom monitor during peak usage times in order to make sure that nothing goes wrong... HERE IS YOUR SIGN. If you have to promise families that there will be a bathroom monitor during peak usage times in order to make sure nothing goes wrong that is a sign you shouldn't be going forward with this plan. Do you put a bathroom monitor in the girl's bathroom now during peak usage time? No, no you don't. I know you can simply just not use the bathroom if you are uncomfortable with the idea of going to the bathroom at the same time with all gendered people...BUT...Imagine your school district saying to you "Hey, we are going to spend lots of your tax dollars on a bathroom that your kid won't feel comfortable using, in the hopes of making other kids comfortable, and we know it is dangerous so there will be a bathroom monitor (that's not creepy)" Some parents in the Edwardsville area have a right to be angry today.

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